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Seven Goals, Seven Years From Now

Hello World! Again, it has been a few weeks since I've posted but I have an actual excuse this time.... EXAMS, yay fun! (NOT). Anyway, they're finished now so now I can focus a bit more on this blog... Numbers, they... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!!

HELLO WORLD!! It honestly feels so good to say that again, it's been soooooo long since my last post!! Quite ironically my last post was called 'Silence' which is what has been happening on this Blog for the past month or... Continue Reading →


Hello World! I have another poem to share again today! Please offer any suggestions below, I will be really grateful. Silence good, silence bad, Silence happy, silence sad. Quiet in the dead of night, A single noise will give a... Continue Reading →

Right Here, Right Now

Hello World! I have an announcement today, but to be honest, if you are reading this then you will already know what I'm about to say but ill say it anyway. I changed my Blog theme!! This has been something... Continue Reading →

August Favourites

Hello World! So first I  apologise for the late post, I relly tried to post last week but it just wasn't going my way. So here's what happened; I stayed up late trying to finish the post to have it up... Continue Reading →

Cold Love in Winter

Hello World! Last week I posted a short poem that I had written and I thought I would do another this week as well. Again I would really LOVE some feedback on my work and anyway that I could try... Continue Reading →

A Work in Progress

Hello World! At the moment I am working on a poem, (which is by the way far from finished!) and I thought that I would post what I have so far and receive some feedback. I would be very happy... Continue Reading →

My Life List

Hello World! In my life there are lots of things that I want to achieve, and also many things that I NEVER want to do. Some of these things are little simple things that can easily be done, others might take... Continue Reading →

Hello World! this afternoon I went to a market at my siblings' school (also my old primary!). Since it was on at around 6 o'clock at night and during the winter it was FREEZING and also getting quite dark. They... Continue Reading →

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